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Climbing my himalaya

A Journey through Brokenness to God’s Love, Healing, and Redemption

About the book

In Climbing My Himalaya, Wendy Chi shares her journey as a first-generation American immigrant through mountain peaks of dispossession, injury, and brokenness to the Promised Land of God’s love, healing, and redemption. Born in military-ruled Taiwan to two blind parents who moved to the United States seeking freedom and opportunity for their children, Wendy knew only anger, bitterness, and fear at leaving her homeland. A new language, culture, education, and helping blind parents negotiate the American system all seemed obstacles too steep to climb. Resentment toward God and family left her isolated even as she climbed the ladder of academic and career success.

But the heavenly Father she’d pushed away refused to leave her alone. Wendy gradually recognized her physically blind parents had clearer spiritual sight than her own. When she let go of fear to freefall into God’s arms, she discovered that even in her doubt and short-sightedness, God had been orchestrating His perfect plan behind the scenes. In His unconditional love, she found spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing. This compelling memoir brings home the wonderful truth that when we feel like so many broken pieces, God uses even brokenness to create the stained-glass masterpiece that is His ultimate purpose for our lives.

Book cover of Climbing My Himalaya -  A Juorney through brokenness to God's Love, Healing and Redemption

Stained glass craft with tiny pieces of colored paper

We are each God’s masterpiece. Our lives may feel like broken pieces, but God has assembled those broken pieces into beautiful stained-glass art to demonstrate how He will use even our brokenness to heal us…. Our stained-glass mosaic of broken pieces also give hope to others who are going through similar challenges.

– Excerpt from Climbing My Himalaya
Dad taking notes using a braille typewriter while listening to a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder.

God wants to use our stories to provide encouragement to others and to show them to His faithfulness. If God called me to do something, I knew He was quite capable of equipping me.

– Excerpt from Climbing My Himalaya